Platinum Integrated Solutions is a 20 year old Maryland based small business specializing in desktop, server, network, storage, thin client and virtualization solutions using technologies of today including VMware, Linux (KVM), Citrix, nComputing, HP, Dell and both Microsoft and Linux based solutions.

Platinum Integrated Solutions believes in customer service and has developed its business model in the strong belief of providing world-class customer service and solutions. We have the capability and experience in maintaining, engineering, developing and implementing custom solutions, no matter the size, for customers requiring support for Microsoft and Linux based environments.

Committed to providing great customer service and support, Platinum Integrated Solutions delivers on providing solutions with turnkey documentation that has proven to be an invaluable part of all of our solutions.

Platinum Integrated Solutions prides its self with proving the very best customer experiences, customer education and tools. Tools that assist in identifying business requirements, functioning as building blocks to help us secure and stabilize business networks and information technology systems, the core of any network architecture.

Customers want to own there technology and IT Infrastructure, by partnering with us they do. Platinum Integrated Solutions helps the customer take-ownership of there systems and solutions. Well documented solutions that can be serviced by us or any other capable technology company.

The IT consulting world is filled with claims of customer-oriented companies. Platinum Integrated Solutions breaks that mold by truly living by the rule, “The customer comes first.”

We are dedicated to our customers by providing custom, automated and comprehensive solutions for today's technology.

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